Injection of nanoparticle-based retina restores vision to blind rats

July 07, 2020
Impressive new work has demonstrated a potential way to restore vision in those suffering from degenerative diseases of the retina. A single injection of nanoparticles was found to create a working artificial retina, restoring vision to blind rats.

Sony debuts the widest f/2.8 full frame zoom lens we've ever seen

July 07, 2020
The 12-24mm zoom is a jaw-dropping effects lens with a wider field of view than the human eye, and Sony has just released a pro-grade version with a constant f/2.8 aperture: the widest f/2.8 zoom ever made. A very interesting addition to a lens bag.

Zaps of electricity clean up wastewater from biofuel production

July 07, 2020
Making biofuel from algae is showing promise as a green energy source, but it does create large amounts of toxic wastewater. Now, researchers in Australia have found a way to clean up that wastewater, with a simple and scalable electrical process.

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