Recon 4x4 off-grid camper van bursts onto US overland scene

May 07, 2021
Pleasure-Way steers off the beaten path to grow its camper van lineup with the all-new Recon 4x4 adventure van. The new van is a rock-solid adventure-launching platform with off-grid power, multifunctional interior and in/outdoor cooking flexibility.

Dassault unveils Falcon 10X business jet with world's largest cabin

May 08, 2021
Dassault Aviation has taken the wraps off its latest business jet, the Falcon 10X, with a virtual rollout to highlight the design and many of the features of what it claims is the business jet with the world's largest cabin.

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter makes first one-way trip on fifth test flight

May 08, 2021
NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter has successfully flown for the fifth time. The autonomous rotorcraft lifted off from Wright Brother Field in Jezero Crater for a 108-second flight that took it on a one-way trip to a new airfield 423 ft to the south.

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