Energy Dome uses carbon dioxide as a grid-scale battery

July 29, 2021
Carbon dioxide may finally get its chance to become a solution in the climate crisis. Italy's Energy Dome says its CO2 batteries will store energy at less than half the cost of lithium "big batteries," while also being very responsive to load demand.

Metallic water created for the first time in golden experiment

July 28, 2021
Researchers have created metallic water for the first time. Through a very careful experimental setup, the team grew a thin layer of a gold-colored metallic water on the outside of a droplet of liquid metal.

Inventor of lithium batteries creates a coating to boost their capacity

July 28, 2021
A team led by the Nobel-Prize-winning inventor of rechargeable lithium batteries has come up with a way to boost their capacity, developing a novel coating that protects against significant losses at the outset.

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