New evidence builds on emerging link between depression and inflammation

December 07, 2021
Furthering understanding into the links between inflammation and depression a study has found a fascinating association between increased white blood cell counts and higher genetic risk scores for depression, even in the absence of depressive symptoms.

Squirrel-cheeked liquid H2 airliner will take you anywhere in two hops

December 06, 2021
Long-haul aviation presents a tough challenge for decarbonization, but a group of 100 aerospace experts working on the UK government's FlyZero project says 279-seat liquid hydrogen airliners will connect any two points on the globe with just one stop.

“Functional cure” for type 1 diabetes passes first human trials

December 06, 2021
New studies are reporting results from a type 1 diabetes human clinical trial testing a device containing stem cells designed to mature into insulin-secreting cells. The experimental implant was found to be safe, well-tolerated and mildly effective.

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