World-first home hydrogen battery stores 3x the energy of a Powerwall 2

January 22, 2021
Australian company Lavo has debuted a hydrogen production, storage and conversion system for the home. It stores up to two days' worth of energy from your rooftop solar – and should outlast a lithium battery by many years. So what's the catch?

World's fastest RC aircraft hits a stunning 548 mph – without a motor

January 21, 2021
No props, no jets, no rockets – Spencer Lisenby just broke the world speed record for remote controlled aircraft, going transonic using nothing but the wind, and an incredible degree of skill in a highly dangerous technique called dynamic soaring.

20-ft tiny house sleeps two, three with a squeeze

January 22, 2021
The latest tiny house from Baluchon measures just 6 meters long and can sleep up to two people full-time, with an extra sleeping space for a guest too. It also has a skylight in the loft bedroom so the owner can fall asleep while stargazing.

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