Thule roof-top tent makes for fast, light camping and gear shuttling

May 27, 2020
Following up on the Tepui HyBox roof tent/cargo box, Thule brings an even more convenient HyBox design to market. The new HyBox Wedge adds a few extra hinges, making for hassle-free late-night set-ups and instant early-morning breakdowns.

Yale study discovers brain network responsible for feelings of stress

May 27, 2020
New research is offering insights into how our brains generate acute subjective feelings of stress. The imaging study illustrates exactly which neural network seems to activate sensations of stress, and which neural network suppresses those feelings.

One mystery solves another: Fast radio bursts detect missing matter

May 27, 2020
We still don’t know where most of the universe's regular matter is. Now, an international team of astronomers has developed a creative new method to detect this missing matter, using the equally-mysterious fast radio bursts.

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