Huge cache of teeth seal Spinosaurus as a swimming dinosaur

September 21, 2020
Earlier this year, paleontologists discovered that Spinosaurus was the first water-dwelling dinosaur. Now some of the same team has found further evidence, with a deposit of teeth recovered from an ancient riverbed, far outnumbering land dinosaurs.

Punching robot designed for mixed martial arts training

September 22, 2020
While many fighters train with a punching bag, it's not really a fair fight – after all, the bag can't punch back. Stryk's new RXT-1 training robot, however, does exactly that.

Concrete retreat puts a pool in the roof and daylight down below

September 22, 2020
This isn’t a home that will appeal to everyone, with its use of rough, unfinished concrete, but fans of the harsh gray stuff will find an interesting dwelling with a pool on its roof and three outdoor patios that ensure sunlight permeates within.

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