New evidence strengthens link between telomere length, aging and cancer

December 02, 2020
It’s long been thought that our cells stop dividing as we age as a natural preventative measure against cancer. Now a new study has found intriguing evidence supporting this hypothesis in genomes from several particularly cancer-prone families.

Lab-grown chicken on the menu in Singapore after world-first approval

December 02, 2020
With our consumption of meat continuing to place a huge strain on the environment, the emergence of lab-grown alternatives is beginning to pick up steam, and a world-first regulatory approval today should help things along.

Ducati ushers the Monster into a new aluminum age

December 02, 2020
With a recent string of changes, Ducati is carving a future through the thick fabric of its own tradition; it ditched the V2 for a V4 in its superbike, the new Multistrada traded the desmo for springs and now, behold, a Monster with no trellis frame.

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