Fossil skull reveals new overlap between ancient human species

April 02, 2020
The human family tree is being shuffled around again. A new study suggests that Homo erectus existed 100,000 to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought, meaning they lived alongside species they were once thought to have descended from.

5 agile 4x4 micro-RVs primed to run for the hills (and way beyond)

April 02, 2020
A few boundless off-road vehicles are famed for going where they want, when they want. And a few compelling campers conversions make those 4x4s expedition-ready micro-motorhomes that travel off-grid, off-road and off-track to get away from it all.

Interactive Stanford website models various COVID-19 containment methods

April 02, 2020
A team from Stanford University has developed an interactive website that allows users to create their own custom model estimating how different social distancing interventions affect the spread of COVID-19 over time.

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