Sony reveals its fourth generation 1000X family ANC headphones

August 06, 2020
Until we tried on a pair of the original 1000X headphones in 2016, we had thought Bose would rule the noise-canceling roost for a long time to come. Now Sony is pushing the envelope yet again with the highly anticipated XM4 noise-canceling headphones.

Anti-aging drug targets Alzheimer's by altering metabolism in the brain

August 05, 2020
Scientists investigating Alzheimer’s treatments at the Salk Institute have uncovered some key mechanisms that enable an experimental drug to reverse memory loss in mouse models of the disease, offering new targets for researchers in the field.

Bentley starts assembling its prototype reverse-engineered 1929 Blower

August 05, 2020
The Bentley Blower Continuation Series is a bizarre project, a laser-scanned recreation of a supercharged 1929 race car that changed the course of history for this British automaker. Parts are coming in, and Bentley is building the first prototype.

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