Lasers and ultrasound combine to pulverize arterial plaque

May 25, 2022
Scientists have demonstrated a novel approach to tackling arterial plaque that relies on laser, ultrasound and exploding microbubbles to destroy it with greater safety and efficiency, while hinting at unique long-term advantages.

SSC Tuatara owner clocks 295 mph in just 2.3 miles

May 25, 2022
If you own the world's fastest car, you might as well open the throttle now and then. Dentist-cum-entrepreneur Dr. Larry Caplan has stuck a gumboot into his SSC Tuatara and recorded a top speed just shy of the fabled 300 mph mark – on a short track.

Recycled tires make for roads that last twice as long in hot sunshine

May 25, 2022
Changing up the recipe could help roads last longer. Researchers in Australia have now shown another advantage of adding rubber from old tires to asphalt – extra Sun protection that could help roads last up to twice as long before cracking.

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