The Mandalorian's "Unreal" sets: A new age of game-based filmmaking

February 21, 2020
Filmmaking is entering a new era, powered by the technology that's made video games some of the most compelling entertainment in recent history. It's not green-screen CGI as we know it, either – it's the creation of whole digitally projected sets.

Lumberjack's hard-edged teardrop trailer folds into a tiny cabin

February 21, 2020
Lumberjack presents its latest camper trailer, the Birdsville. It looks like a hard-edged teardrop while towing, but its roof folds forward to create a living space much larger than the typical tear, a comfortable option for intrepid families.

Radical hydrogen-boron reactor leapfrogs current nuclear fusion tech

February 21, 2020
"We are sidestepping all of the scientific challenges that have held fusion energy back for more than half a century," says the director of an Australian company whose hydrogen-boron fusion technology is working a billion times better than expected.

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