Google Genie and the AIs set to revolutionize gaming

February 26, 2024
Google DeepMind's Genie turns images into playable video games in one step – but it's just the latest in a rapidly converging list of technologies that point to a bizarre sci-fi future of interactive entertainment, designed and run by real-time AIs.

High-rise teardrop trailer makes standing-height base camp for four

February 26, 2024
Bend Teardrop's 6 x 12-ft camping trailer has long served as something of a stretched limo for the market. The company builds on that idea even further with the Tall Boy, a four-sleeper high-roof teardrop with more than six feet of standing height.

The Odysseus lunar mission ends following human error on Earth

February 26, 2024
The IM-1 Moon landing mission will come to a premature end on Tuesday morning. Intuitive Machines has announced that Odysseus will no longer be able to charge its batteries by February 27, as sunlight stops falling on its solar panels. RIP Odie.

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