Profitable retrofit system could slash steelmaking emissions by 94%

January 29, 2023
A rare decarbonization idea that looks as good for business as it does for the planet. This system promises to radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions for 70% of steelmakers, while generating profits and making use of existing blast furnaces.

Ultra-thin coating makes for self-cleaning solar panels

January 29, 2023
Solar panels can’t operate efficiently if they’re caked in dirt, but cleaning them regularly can be a time-consuming process. Engineers in Germany have now developed an ultra-thin coating that can make solar panels and other surfaces self-cleaning.

Ukraine gets NATO main battle tanks. Will it change the tide of the war?

January 29, 2023
The United States, Britain, and Germany have agreed to supply Ukraine with main battle Tanks to aid its resistance to Russia's invasion. What are these tanks, will they turn the tide of the war, and in which direction? New Atlas takes a look.

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