Algae-based blocks could make for a more sustainable building

September 28, 2023
Concrete is a huge contributor to worldwide CO2 emissions, and cinder blocks make up a significant part of this. However, a new project by SOM, in collaboration with Prometheus Materials, showcases an alternative block made from algae.

Tiny energy-harvesting MilliMobile robot has no need for batteries

September 28, 2023
There are numerous situations in which a robot doesn't need to move quickly, but it does need to cover long distances without having to recharge its batteries. The minuscule energy-harvesting MilliMobile robot was designed for just such scenarios.

Vagus nerve important for heart function during exercise, not just rest

September 27, 2023
A new study has found that during exercise, the vagus nerve, essential to the body’s ‘rest and digest’ response, has a more important role in heart function than we thought. The findings could help treat diseases like heart failure.

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