Protein pacing unlocks more power from intermittent fasting

May 29, 2024
Time-restricted eating has shown promise in a variety of ways. Now, a new study out of Arizona State University shows that combining it with a particular pattern of protein intake can positively impact weight loss and the gut's microbiome.

1,300 miles to a tank – BYD's new hybrids don't care about your bladder

May 29, 2024
Yes, you read that correctly, 1,300 miles (nearly 2,100 km) before you have to refuel or charge it. BYD – the world's leader in EV car sales having recently surpassed Tesla – released its 5th-generation "DM" Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Boar war: 250-pound 'super-pigs' are rampaging toward the US border

May 30, 2024
A problem shared is not always a problem halved, as invasive wild 'super-pigs' that have wreaked havoc on Canada now threaten to cross the border and for the first time populate northern US, bringing with them farming and environmental chaos.

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