Ford Transit 4x4 camper van sets forth on ground-detonating adventure

July 06, 2022
Thanks to the innovation-loaded 2019 Cliff 4x4 Adventure Van concept, the Sunlight Cliff camper van has a reputation for being more adventuresome than average. With the new 4x4 Adventure Edition, Sunlight pushes the Cliff to full adventure potential.

World's first commercial sand battery begins energy storage in Finland

July 05, 2022
Polar Night Energy says it's developed and commercialized a super-cheap, super-simple way of storing energy for anywhere between hours and months, simply using heated sand. Its first 8-megawatt-hour thermal battery has gone online in Finland.

Study argues insects feel pain, raises questions around ethical farming

July 05, 2022
A new review article suggests insects have the capacity to experience pain. The research summarizes the latest behavioral and molecular science and concludes pain states in insects could have ethical implications for current farming practices.

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