"Enormous concern": New bird flu transmission paths confirmed

July 25, 2024
Scientists are again on high alert, as whole genome sequencing of the H5N1 virus has revealed that it is capable of multidirectional infections across species. While human risk is low, it's a step forward for the pathogen in this biological arm's race.

World’s first ‘meltdown-proof’ nuclear reactor aces safety test

July 24, 2024
China's Tsinghua University has scored a world first by demonstrating the inherent safety of the first operating commercial pebble-bed nuclear reactor by shutting off the power and letting the passive systems maintain control of the reactor core.

3,000-W ebike/scoot hybrid guaranteed to turn heads

July 25, 2024
Finding that many ebike riders prefer to throttle through commutes and urban adventures, LA-based startup Owlet opted to ditch the pedals altogether for its upcoming One model – a high-torque angular beast with attitude.

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