Space Acacia system combines a tent, tarp and wall-to-wall air mattress

June 07, 2023
Many campers will put up a tarp, pitch a tent underneath that tarp, then put an inflatable mattress inside the tent. Space Acacia is designed to makes things simpler, by combining all three components in one camping system.

LG crams 27-inch smart display and sound system into a rugged briefcase

June 07, 2023
Folks wanting to watch a movie at camp, listen to music at a picnic or play board games at the beach will likely have to haul a bunch of different gadgets. LG proposes an all-in-one solution with a smart display in a briefcase called the StanbyME Go.

"Virgin birth" seen in a crocodile suggests dinosaurs could also go solo

June 07, 2023
Scientists have observed the first known “virgin birth” in a female crocodile, kept alone in captivity for 16 years. The find reveals that this unusual form of reproduction is possible in more species than we thought – including, perhaps, dinosaurs.

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