Ultra-compact particle accelerator does a mile's work with four inches

November 28, 2023
The USA has only two accelerators that can produce 10 billion electron-volt particle beams, and they're each about 1.9 miles long. "We can now reach those energies in 10 cm," said the CEO of TAU Systems, which has built an ultra-compact accelerator.

Shipping container-based tiny house raised high above the forest floor

November 28, 2023
The River Forest Lookout puts shipping container-based architecture on a pedestal – literally. It takes the form of a fire lookout tower-style design that consists of two containers raised 60 ft above the forest floor in rural Georgia.

Nanoscale spinal implant helps restore mobility in paralyzed limbs

November 27, 2023
Scientists at Johns Hopkins have developed a new spinal stimulator that can help restore lower limb function to paralyzed patients. The tiny device can be non-invasively implanted through a syringe.

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