Yale study uncovers new potential root cause of Alzheimer's disease

December 01, 2022
Scientists at Yale University have uncovered an overlooked mechanism that may be behind the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The team points the finger at small swellings on axons near plaques that build up in the brain, suggesting new drug targets.

Hydrofoiling jet ski promises record-breaking speed

November 30, 2022
The Valo Hyperfoil aims to kick off a new class of "ultra-performance" electric personal watercraft, a two-seat jetski that can rise out of choppy water on extendable hydrofoils, and go faster than any other electric or hydrofoiling craft you can buy.

Retro-cool electric motorcycle picks up where 2020's Falcon left off

December 01, 2022
Back in 2020, Cleveland CycleWerks revealed a retro-modern electric motorcycle called the Falcon. The company co-founder splintered the project into a new startup in August of that year, and now the Falcon has taken flight as the District.

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