Fighting fire with pyrotechnics: Super-compact suppressor leaves no mess

June 17, 2024
These remarkable non-toxic fire suppressors are the smallest on the market. They handle a variety of situations, including grease, engine, server rack and battery fires, using pyrotechnic technology – and they don't ruin what you're trying to save.

Fasting supercharges the cancer-killing properties of immune cells

June 17, 2024
Fasting for 24 hours twice a week boosts the cancer-fighting abilities of specific immune cells called natural killer cells, according to a new study. The findings open up a number of options for supplementing cancer treatment in the future.

SwitchLens marries a Micro Four Thirds camera to your smartphone

June 17, 2024
Your smartphone may take nice photos, but it's likely still not as good as a full-on Micro Four Thirds (M43) camera. The SwitchLens is designed to combine the best of both devices, as it's an M43 camera that works with your phone.

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