Late-night eating habits tied to slower calorie burn, increased appetite

October 04, 2022
A common perception around meal timing and human health is that it’s best to steer clear of late-night dinners and midnight snacking, and a new study has offered some compelling insights into the reasons why.

Sabrewing prototype VTOL breaks a weight-lifting record

October 04, 2022
It goes without saying that the heavier a load an aircraft can carry, the more useful that aircraft becomes. Well, the RG-1-A Alpha has reportedly just broken a record, by "dead-lifting" more weight than any autonomous VTOL has previously managed.

Macdonald tiny house cuts the cord for off-grid adventure

October 04, 2022
Fritz Tiny Homes was hired by a couple who will spend retirement traveling North America. The Macdonald tiny house is ready for adventure and features an off-grid setup, plus some neat extras like a sofa that turns into bunk beds and an ebike garage.

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